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About Insured Image

Our Mission:

Insured Image, Inc. will work closely with our customers to prepare a home and or business inventory to ease your loss and claim procedures. When the unthinkable occurs, we’ll be there.

Our Vision:

To provide peace of mind to all single households and businesses in our community.

Company Profile and History:

Corporate Name: T.R. B., Inc established in 1998
Company Name: Insured Image


Insured Image was inspired by seeing our close friends who endured the struggle of an insurance claim after a heartbreaking disaster. We saw their fight to get a claim they felt they deserved and also saw the loss in their eyes when they realized that they had little or no evidence of many of the items they no longer had. We also saw the sadness and destruction brought on by the tornado in Hallam, Nebraska in 2004 and knew that for those people, there was still plenty of work and struggles ahead. We see the rise of instances of broad daylight home burglaries in Lincoln. We watch news reports of increased flooding and more and more families displaced by nature.

We knew at that time that there had to be a way to provide comfort to families and businesses before the unthinkable occurs. There had to be a way to create a safe and secure inventory that people could quickly access and process when the time was necessary. From this concept emerged Insured Image.

We at Insured Image want to provide peace of mind to our customers. We want them to be able to center their thoughts on their family and loved ones after a disaster, and for them to not have to divide those worries pouring over destroyed goods while filling out insurance claims. As a result, Insured Image gathered a team of people who specialize in home and business insurance, personal and home security, banking and finance and other skills vital to the process. Together, we have developed an efficient and secure system for us to inventory your personal and business items.