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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How easy is it to do my home inventory?

A: Once you sign up for your home inventory package, it is a 3 step process: Step 1: Organize your items and describe the details on the inventory forms that we will provide. Step 2: Our field agents will come to your home, photograph and record all the items for processing in our home office. Step 3: View and confirm your inventory on our newly created online account.

Q: Does Insured Image provide insurance for home and business?

A: No, Insured Image is not an insurance provider. We provide a detailed inventory of your home or business, to reduce time and delays in the claim process.

Q: Is Insured Image insured?

A: Yes, Insured Image is insured fully by one of the top insurance companies in the US.

Q: Are you affiliated with any insurance companies?

A: No, Insured Image is an independent company that not only serves customers but also provide a very valuable tool for the insurance companies to insure their claims are confirmed.

Q: Does Insured Image help with the process if a claim is made?

A: No, Your insurance company will assign you to a representative. We provide your agent with an inventory of the items which you have selected to include in your claim.

Q: Can I get updates on new items I’ve purchased after having my home inventoried?

A: Yes, you can purchase update before or after your inventory. You can save money if you purchase your update before your inventory is finished.