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Business Inventory

A sound inventory is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your business. Having a detailed inventory of your entire company will benefit your business in many ways: audits, theft, disaster, etc. Any of these circumstances can happen at a moment’s notice. When the unthinkable occurs, you will be prepared to work with your insurance agent to facilitate an immediate claim response and get your company up and running again in as little time as possible. Your customers and your employees depend on your ability to do business, and we at Insured Image will make that transition as quick and as smooth as possible. As a bonus, your asset inventory is available online 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world. Access it when you need to file a claim or anytime your company needs to view or print a list of its assets. With a third party preparing your inventory, your insurance company can rest assured that your asset list is both thorough and legitimate. With the peace of mind that comes with a complete business inventory, you will be able to focus your efforts on increasing your company profits and securing the needs of your customers and associates.